Picture by: Natálie Ševcíková

Marloes van Son builds instruments, installations and systems. The electromechanical objects that she develops explore natural phenomena and everyday appliances. By repurposing ordinary objects she aims to create unusual, yet familiar experiences.

Her recent work focuses on sound objects, instrument building, graphic scores and experimental compositions. During performances Marloes plays her self-built instruments combined with voice according to precomposed scores.

Marloes van Son regularly collaborates with new media artist Alex van Giersbergen as audiovisual duo ALOES. They have joined forces on artistic projects where electronics, software and self-made systems meet. Their audiovisual performances often include human - machine / system interactions and translations from the “real” world into a technologically constructed new reality. During the past years they have performed atmospheric soundscapes with melodic elements and particle based visuals in several venues and festivals around Europe. Important to their practice is the use of self-built instruments and software. Through this approach they aim to create experimental pop-music which engages an audience and surprises as a structured composition, always in their own de ned style.

Additionally Marloes has been organising workshops where participants can explore experimental sound devices and graphic scores by designing and constructing their own versions. Dialogues with an audience engaged in experimentation are an increasingly important element in her work.

Originally from the Netherlands, she currently lives and works in Helsinki (FI). Recent events include: Solo-exhibitions at Galerie AMU (Prague, CZ) and the Tekniikan Museo (Helsinki, FI). Artist residencies at bb15 (Linz, AU), Titanik (Turku, FI) and DordtYart (Dordrecht, NL). Sound-performances at Art Fair Suomi (FI), Inversia Festival (RU), Lofoten Sound Art Symposium (NO), Noise oor festival (UK), STEIM (NL), SMC2017 conference (FI) and DASH festival (Helsinki, FI). She presented work at Supermarket art fair 2017 (Stockholm, SE), ITGWO festival (Vlieland, NL), and Shiny Toys festival (DE).

She graduated in 2017 from the Visual Culture and Contemporary Art programme (ViCCA MA, Aalto University, Helsinki, FI) after completing her BA at the ArtScience Interfaculty (BA, KABK, The Hague, NL).

Contact me at: info[at]marloesvanson[dot]nl

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