ON || OFF || ON

March 2022

Online / offline sequencer installation with code-poem and custom website.

8 modules on the wall. Each module represents an audio sample. A large knob on each module can be turned to change the pitch of the corresponding sample. The modules are connected to a central console. On this console a small display shows the same symbols as the modules. The order in which the samples are played can be rearranged with the knobs under the screen. A slider controls the overall speed.

The audio samples are based on short snippets of code that form the core of the installation. In the gallery visitors can physically interact with the knobs and sounds. However they are not the only ones influencing the behaviour of it. On a custom website others can also influence the order of the symbols and switch samples on and off. Creating an invisible collaboration between visitors of the gallery and the website.

Concept and design: Marloes van Son & Alex van Giersbergen
Web-design and programming: Alex van Giersbergen
Electronics and sound: Marloes van Son

Created during a working period supported by Alfred Kordelinin Säätiö.

Exhibited at Myymälä2 during April 2022