Rare Earth Elements / Metals

March 2022

3x wood and plexiglass ‘poster stand’, screen with Raspberry Pi and custom software

Yellow: Au (gold) / Ni (nickel)
Blue: Co (cobalt) / Gr (graphite)
Green: Li (lithium) / Cu (copper)

Electronic components are built up from a large variety of metals and rare earth elements. Many of these resources are extracted from mines with enormous environmental impact on their often remote and rural locations. We stumbled upon a picture of a lithium mine on the Atacama salt flats of Chile (see source). Pools of vibrant yellow, green and blue cover the landscape like a pixelated image. Our pixelated poster stands display colourful data visualisations of the locations of different mines around the world. A reference to a beautiful image of a destructive process.


Design: Marloes van Son
Concept: Marloes van Son & Alex van Giersbergen
Programming: Alex van Giersbergen

Exhibited at Myymälä2 during April 2022