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Structet 2

September 2010

In the Atrium of the The Hague Town Hall we presented a monumental, architectonic vertical matrix of improvised electronic music and projections. An army of hidden musicians on laptops and custom built instruments form an electronic orchestra that performed on seven floors. A �conductor� behind a mixing board for both image and sound transforms the different inputs into one single piece of music and projections.

Structet 2 adapts itself to the building or spatial structure where it performs, with a preference for the vertical dimension. The structure of the improvisation is based on a study of the proportions, scale, colour, history and function of the location of the performance. This performance was based on a study of architecture of the Town Hall of The Hague by Richard Meier

Performed at TodaysArt 2010

My contribution to 'Structet 2' was the oscillite. A home buid instrument consisting of 6 interfering oscillators, disguised as a primitive satellite. Every mirror controls the pitch of one of the oscillators. Turning the mirrors also changes the reflections towards the audience.